The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

"Don’t call me Gou! My name is Matsuoka Kou!”

twelve days of snk | day seven
favorite titan shifter

15 Favorite Female Charcaters as Voted by my Followers 

#3: Mikasa Ackerman


it’s shocking how everything on tumblr is so selective and always so focused on the US. for example every year around 9/11 tumblr is flooded with posts about it although it was 13 years ago. but whenever horrible things happen somewhere else in the world at this very moment hardly anyone mentions it. it’s really sad to see that not just in every day media some lives are more important than others but that the same also happens on tumblr…

Naruto 30 Day Challenge
Day 4 (Favorite Female Character): Haruno Sakura
Didn’t you know? Women have to be strong in order to survive!"

favorite characters — peko pekoyama

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